PT Danalam Cipta Pratama is a technology consulting company, renowned in Inspection Services. Inspections, Non-Destructive Testing, Engineering, Technical Consultant Supervisory, and Post Weld Heat Treatment. Operates on a national scale in Indonesia.

With a team of skilled technicians and management, we focus on creating benefits for clients and committing in providing values, integrity, and efficiency.

PT Danalam Cipta Pratama is widely experienced in quality guarantee of on-shore and off-shore pipelines, fabrication of piping, pressure vessels, platform productions, riser, incinerators / power plants, palm oil mill, and petrochemical industries. We also conduct inspections in the seafaring industry of ship repairs: both out at sea or in the shipyards.

We specialize in large transformation projects, mobilize human resources, and coordinate challenging projects. Our technicians are certified according to ASME, API, AWS, ANSI, BS, JIS, LLOYDS, ABS, and the National certificate from Departemen MIGAS and Depnaker.

Once PT Danalam Cipta Pratama obtains a contract, we are ready to mobilize our resources to ensure the success of the project.