Post Weld Heat Treatment

Post Weld Heat Treatment is a heating process after welding with the main objective of reducing the residual stress caused by welding, thereby reducing the possibility of cracks occurring.

Holiday Test

Holiday Test is a testing technique used to detect damage to coating or painting such as pinhole on a material that has been coated.

The test results can be obtained immediately and documentation in the form of photographs.

Elcometer Holiday Detector

Computerize Current Test

This test is used to detect the presence of surface defects / defects in a material that has been coated and the thickness of the material. This method detects leakage currents in the impressed current system on the pipeline. The use of CCT on pipelines that have Cathodic Protection installed with the type of Impressed Current is widely used without the pipeline piling off.

Positive Material Identification – Portable XRF

Positive Material Identification is a test method to determine the chemical composition of a material. Xray-Fluorescence works based on the analysis of the energy difference in the secondary X-Ray spectrum from the elements contained in the material.
Pros: Able to determine alloy composition in a very short time (max 20 seconds) and can be applied to components in the field (insitu)

Oxford Instrument X-MAT

Leeb Hardness Testing

Leeb hardness testing is a portable hardness measurement method that is carried out directly on components that have operated in the field (insitu), which does not allow standard hardness testing to be carried out such as those carried out in the laboratory.